The World Was Real All Along

By Michael, an Ex-Christian Scientist Group Contributor. Michael is a pseudonym, to ensure anonymity.

I want to take a moment to talk about reality.

I was raised to believe that the world around me, the world that I perceive with my physical senses, is not real. I was told that I live my life swaddled in illusion, and that I should constantly struggle to break through that illusion. I was completely sold on this idea. I craved reality. As a teenager, I vowed to dedicate my life to breaking through the illusion. I didn’t expect to succeed in this lifetime, but hey, death was unreal, so there was no deadline. I planned to keep “adjusting my thought” until someday the illusion melted away and I could finally see the real world.

After I left Christian Science, I gradually came around to the idea that the world that I perceive with my senses IS the real world. It was shocking. It was unnerving. It was electrifying. All my life, I’d been struggling for access to reality, and suddenly I found that I had this access…  that I had always had this access.

By analogy, it was as if I’d been told all my life that I lived inside a shell, and that the “stars” were just dots painted on the inside of the shell — and then, one day, I discovered that there never was any shell, and the stars were actually gigantic distant balls of plasma, and I COULD SEE THEM JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM.

It blew my mind. It continues to blow my mind every day. All I have to do is stop and think to myself “I have direct access to reality!” and instantly I’m filled with joy. It’s like remembering that I have a superpower.


  • I relate to this 100%. So much. Yes!

    I LOVE looking at trees and tasting foods.

    My five senses bring me so much enjoyment!

    Life (lower case “L”) is so full of wonder and goodness –

    I don’t have to ignore everything I see with my 5 senses then pray to find gratitude in everything. (Contradiction much?)

    I just walk around and ACTUALLY LOOK AND EXPERIENCE this wonder we call life!

    My life is no longer plagued with depression. My life is overflowing with wonder!

  • Lynn C

    I feel such tender empathy for all the Christian Science children like you and me who did our best to please our parents, our Sunday school teachers and even MBE by struggling to make sense of the strange belief system we were taught. We trusted them . But it never really made sense and independent thinking, fully formed frontal lobes, and troubles helped us find a less contrived and burdened reality,

  • I can’t help being cynical about how really bad things were. One learned from one’s material senses that one’s material senses were illusion — reading or hearing Science and Health, or hearing what your parents and Sunday School teachers told you, entailed seeing or hearing with your material senses.

    I can’t say what happened in people’s minds. They probably did believe their material senses at the same time that they believed that their material senses were illusion.

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