1. michael

    I am not sure the point. I know Christian Scientists are very rigid in thought. and controlled. I am 64, yes, I still believe in Santa. Its Love that comes in human ways to kids and adults at this very special season.I know the birth of Jesus is the best gift. Thats a no brainer. But I loved Christmas, My mom died last november I had her with me 10 years. non stop. never out of my sight. I miss her this past Christmas. and giving her a few gifts. and one marked from Santa. Its so sad. how CSers, deny humanity and all the beauty of memories. They will pass away too. but they are too busy following Mary Baker Eddy and her sad background. Some Christian Science is right. but you can get much more truth. and not all the weird stuff in the wacky world of Christian Science.

  2. I was trying to say that Christian Science can be picky about some things and not so picky about other things. A LOT of us Christian Scientists were taught by our parents that they “don’t lie to children.” … Mary Baker Eddy’s quote is in my blog – that children should not be taught the falsehood that Santa is real. That’s what I was taught, that is what my siblings were taught, and many others. I guess you were taught Santa is real. Go for it! Glad it brings you joy.

    I used to love Christmas. I don’t need it anymore. I am not asking you to change where you are or “do as I do.” That’s ridiculous. I am just sharing “this is where I am.” It sounds like you don’t relate to my post. Well, good thing we are different people, living our different lives.

    We’ve all got our own beliefs. I shared mine, you shared yours. If you’re also an Ex Christian Scientist, you’re more than welcome to write to the owner of this blog and share ideas of stories or articles you would like to write for the blog as blog posts.

    You can believe in Santa all you want; I don’t actually believe that Jesus was a real person at this point. I am not Christian, and I have learned that I also wasn’t one when I was in the belief system called christian science. I’m okay with that, too.

    You said that it’s a “no brainer” that “the birth of Jesus is the best gift.” Well, I don’t believe in that. So, we’re different. I’m cool with what I believe, and it sounds to me like you’re cool with what you believe.

    I am so sorry you have lost your mom. I remember you posting this elsewhere on this blog, and I replied there too. Losing a parent is harder than anyone can imagine, unless they have also lost a good parent. My good friend’s mom just died this week and her family is completely heart-broken. I hope you will consider going to therapy as you process the grief of losing your mom. Going to therapy when I lost my beloved parent helped me far more than I can ever express.

    I wish you the best, Michael. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    • Michael

      sad to say you have missed my point. I said Santa in terms of just a joy forChildren. I dont believe in the easter bunny or tooth fairy either. Sorry you dont need Christmas. I do. but you are missing my point, Human Activities, are fine. CS denies that. Please dont debate, i personaly dont have time for getting the last word in etc. I think Jesus Christ is the best gift from God. He determines your eternity, salvation. Ifyou dont believe, that is your choice. I am a Christian that flat out believes Jesus Christ died for my sins, If I accept him. We can have free will on Earth to reject all we want. But after that. then you have to account to your maker. I never forced religion on anyone. I go back and forth to Methodist , or Presbyterian, but I am not a fanatic, nor do Ithinkyou have to go to church. OLots of it in cs and Catholics is crowd control, fear of the Pope, Vatican, etc. very very superstitious but its sad if Christ does not come into every ones heart. I know he wants all his sheep that seem to be lost to come back, but Jodi, that is each persons choice. As for Santa, there is no lie. My mom used to help out and sometimes, did not do great with dishes. So do I tell her terrible, or say nice try, or Nice Job , the 3rd to be kind. I am sorry you dont get my very innocent commen on Santa. I dont think people understand levels of love, Sex, for example is not mean love, True Love is from Christ and its demonstrated on so many non physical ways. I really would appreciate no more comments, I just dont have the time. for it.It can become a false ego, to get the last word, Thank you for your comments , I would say God bless, but dont want to offendyou so enjoy your journey

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