1. Hello Karen:
    I have found this web site to be very informative. I have had a response from someone on it regarding the Santa Claus Article and one directly about my fear and turmoil. I like yours as well. same situations. even worse. I would not wish this on anyone even the most evil person in the world that did terrible things during WW2. enough said. I am stuck, I know the pitfalls, still cannot seem to get away. I lost my mom November 2017 and my heart is broken in half. Only I and God know the relationship we had together. I cared for her 11 years, and my dad for a few. Quite working , am on food stamps and having a very difficult time recovering . I am lost. Nothing is working really. I still have a sense of humor at times; and this is good. I prayed alot when she died, that if I could have turned a switch and die with her in Hospice, I would have without reservations. My mom, little baby as I called her, and love of my life. I cared for her cooked, showered her. never out of my sight 24/7 for 9 of those years. she missed my birthday this February a few days ago. It was the worst without her or Dad. My sister has abandoned me. another story wont get into. I wished I knew how one can get in contact with people like you that have left. I cant.

  2. Clariece

    After reading your article the only thing I have to add about the hypochondria and lack of knowledge … I developed a hemorrhoid. I thought I had something wrong with my prostate.

    I’m female…

    To this day, this story causes hysterical laughter that I could have been raised that ignorant.

    • Karen C

      Wow, Clariece, that’s so funny/frustrating! I’m often embarrassed by how naïve I was. But then I visit this website and realize we all went through this nonsense.

      The last time I thought I had appendicitis (yes, there were SEVERAL times in my CS life when I thought I had it), I finally decided to do what Chris mentions: I looked it up on the internet. What a relief it was to have real knowledge.

  3. Chris

    When I was a child, we had no books on illness or injury and no access to them. I couldn’t read such books in the library, as I needed my CS parents to take me there and they would have punished me had I ever looked at them. As a child I never wanted to: my parents taught me that knowledge or fear of disease could make it real in your mind and cause symptoms to manifest on your body.

    The world has changed so much since then. Nowadays, if you’re feeling sick, all you have to do is google the symptoms. That’s nowhere near as good as consulting a doctor, but (at least) it can give you some idea of what the problem could be and whether the symptoms will subside on their own or not.

    The Information Age will mean the end of Christian Science. When the internet came along, I googled some of the healings I’d thought I’d had, and realized they hadn’t been healings at all. I’d only thought they were because I’d never learned how bodies work.

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