God’s Perfect Child: Living and Dying in the Christian Science Church

 God’s Perfect Child: Living and Dying in the Christian Science Church, Caroline Fraser Godsperfectchild.com Buy from Amazon (affiliate link)   This is the gold standard critique of Christian Science – scholarly, exhaustive, and courageous. Roughly the first half of the book is an unfiltered history Eddy’s life, the early days of the Christian Science movement, and the establishment of the Mother Church. […]

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Why I’m doing this

I started my journey away from Christian Science a little over six years ago. I had been struggling to make it work, and a series of pivotal, life-changing events finally forced me to acknowledge that Christian Science was not right for me. Leaving Christian Science was one of the most difficult things I’ve done, and I don’t want anyone to […]

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Launching www.ExChristianScience.com

A group of former members of the Christian Science Church have launched a new website designed as a resource for people who have left or are considering leaving the Christian Science faith. Christian Science (not to be confused with Scientology) was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in the late 19th century and is perhaps best known as a sect that rejects medical treatment, advocating prayer exclusively for healing. The website, called The Ex-Christian Scientist (www.exchristianscience.com), is maintained by an informal group of about fifty former Christian […]

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