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One of the issues that comes regularly among our (former) Christian Scientist friends is our complete ignorance about all things ‘health care’ related. All most of us know about doctors, medicine, vaccinations, and prescription and non-prescription medication is that we didn’t partake of them when we were “in” Christian Science.

Many of us are gradually learning to accept doctors, and other medical professionals, in our lives as resources and allies. We are visiting doctors and seeking medical assistance for problems because we want to be responsible with our health.

We are working with a group of former Christian Scientists with experience in and with the medical industry, and on a series of posts about Health Care for Christian Scientists and Former Christian Scientists. They have all been tagged Health Resources (or Christian Science Health Care on kindism), and we are working to compile lists of helpful resources as well.

We welcome input, recommendations, and suggestions.

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Please remember, this is intended to offer people support, ideas, and resources. It is not in any way intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care. Please see a health care professional if you have concerns, especially if your concern is serious! 

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