The Ex-Christian Scientist

Information, resources & support for those leaving or questioning Christian Science

Community & Support

This list includes online Community & Support resources of a general nature (not directly connected to former Christian Scientists).


  • Christian Science Exit: an open group consisting of people who have left Christian Science and are now mainstream Christians.
  • Child-Friendly Faith Project: the Facebook page for the Child-Friendly Faith Project. They also have a Facebook group. This is not an organization by and for former Christian Scientists, but some former Christian Scientists are involved with it.

Get Wise Program

The Fellowship of Former CS and the Ex-Christian Scientist are working together to create resources for former CS to more forward with their lives. More about the Get Wise Project can be found at the Fellowship of Former CS website.



Blogs by former Christian Scientists, or groups of former Christian Scientists.
  • Emerging Gently: a blog by a former Christian Scientist, with a largely secular viewpoint.
  • Ex CS UK: a blog site maintained by a group of former Christian Scientists to “make any European contacts feel less far away from the USA and to make it easier for them to join our meetings.” (from their blog) This blog is secular in focus.
  • Kindism: a blog by a former Christian Scientist, with a largely secular viewpoint.

    photo courtesy of Liz Heywood, used with permission
    Photo courtesy of Liz Heywood, used with permission
  • The Pseudoscience of Christian Science: a blog on Tumblr that is the “musings from a science advocate and ex-Christian Scientist, on the dangers, conceits, and conflicts within the religion” (from the blog). Infrequently maintained.

Other Forums

  • Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists A ministry to former and current Christian Scientists and those who walk alongside them. We connect people with a background in Christian Science and those who walk alongside them with Christ-centered resources, care and community.
  • Christian Way: a group of former Christian Scientists who are now Evangelical Christians. They also have an extensive and active discussion forum, to which anyone can contribute, and do so anonymously. The common thread being that most were once Christian Scientists, grew up in it, or at least had some contact with it. Interestingly, some practicing Christian Scientists actively and bravely participate in this forum. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.