Logical Incoherence in the Theology of Christian Science

Note: The Ex Christian Scientist does not advocate any one particular path but acknowledge that there are many legitimate pathways that can be personally and spiritually fulfilling. The views and opinions expressed by our individual contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the The Ex-Christian Scientist.

Abstract:  The theology of Christian Science, as presented by Mary Baker Eddy, is shown to be logically incoherent.  In particular, Mrs. Eddy’s better understanding of God as a principle, rather than a person, is shown to be nonsense that amounts to a lie about God.  The reason is that God is the creator and governor of the universe; but a principle, by itself, cannot create anything, nor do anything.  This logical incoherence invalidates Mrs. Eddy’s explanations for how Jesus healed, and for how she and other Christian Scientists obtain healings.  We have the biblical description of how Jesus healed, and it forms the basis for the present-day healing ministries in many churches.   (Incidentally, the author’s church sees no conflict between healing prayer and Medical Science, provided the Medical Doctor who treats the physical condition avoids any spiritual approaches that are non-Christian.)  When patients in Christian Science are healed by a lie about God, the kingdom of the devil, the father of lies, can come upon them.  This unexpected consequence makes involvement in Christian Science very risky.  Victims have recourse to obtaining healing in the name of Jesus Christ, which brings the kingdom of God upon them, with God’s blessings and promises. Continue reading “Logical Incoherence in the Theology of Christian Science”