Buddhists Believe in Prayer

The following is a collection of contributions from members of the Ex-Christian Science collective who have turned to Buddhism.

Christian Science is so cerebral, with its focus on reading and research named ‘prayer.’ It’s been hard for me to let go of that in terms of believing in a power greater than my own. After twenty years away from Christian Science, I think I’m more connected to feeling than analyzing. The Buddhist practice of non-attachment has been helpful in that.

– Abigail

I am a Buddhist, and I don’t believe in god. I believe in the universe and the potential that each of us has to be in tune with the mystic law of cause and effect, and I believe that our actions have consequences. Buddhists believe in prayer, and we believe in healing through prayer. We just don’t believe in a bearded man in the sky who decides our fate.

– Katie J.

Christian Science borrows a lot from eastern philosophy to try and justify why a loving and omnipotent god allows suffering, so there are some analogues with Buddhism, in the same way there are some with traditional Christianity. That’s about where the similarities end though. Most religions point to surrender of the self. Christian Science is the polar opposite, the victory of the self over everything.

– Anonymous