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Buddhism didn’t seem like much of a stretch for me.

By an anonymous Ex-Christian Scientist Group Contributor   Leaving Christian Science is a journey that takes a long time for some people. In my case, I found it very easy to turn my back on it, but very hard to let go of the CS fanaticism. I took up Eastern Religion and Buddhism with immense […]

Buddhism actively tells you to question it.

By an anonymous Ex-Christian Scientist Group contributor. I am rather a lapsed Buddhist at the moment but I would call myself that rather than anything else, and an old (doubtless now out of print) library book called The Heart of Buddhism by Guy Klaxon, that contained nothing otherworldly at all, led me out of Christian […]

Buddhists Believe in Prayer

The following is a collection of contributions from members of the Ex-Christian Science collective who have turned to Buddhism. Christian Science is so cerebral, with its focus on reading and research named ‘prayer.’ It’s been hard for me to let go of that in terms of believing in a power greater than my own. After twenty […]

From Christian Science to Buddhism

Buddhism is one of many paths that some former Christian Scientists choose to explore. The following posts relate to our experiences and perspectives on the topic of Buddhism.  Buddhists Believe in Prayer Everything I knew about Buddhism and the Dalai Lama I learned from Facebook memes Buddhism actively tells you to question it Buddhism didn’t seem […]