Get Wise Webinar: Why is Christian Science STILL Influencing My Identity

The Get Wise webinar sponsored by the Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists in collaboration with the Ex-Christian Scientist is now up on YouTube! We welcome back cult recovery experts Bob and Judy Pardon and consider ways Christian Science continues to influence our sense of identity even years after leaving. The Pardons explain how this worldview is psychologically damaging along with providing tools for recovery.  

In Christian Science there was no room for personality. We strove to be “God’s Perfect Child” to the point of denying our very humanity. As a result, after leaving Christian Science we wonder where to begin in rebuilding our lives. Understanding how we are uniquely wired is a great starting point. The Pardons will introduce and discuss the Myers-Briggs personality assessment which is a helpful tool for someone with a background in Christian Science in their recovery journey.

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