I couldn’t bring myself to put my kids through the same crap I went through

This is Part 2 of a series of posts by Sharon, an Ex-Christian Scientist Group contributor.
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People in our church with problems were condemned behind their backs as someone who ‘needed to straighten out their thinking.’ Ill members who disappeared out of their regular pews were ignored and never talked about again. One couple who let their daughter die of a ruptured appendix came to church the next Sunday as if nothing had happened and no one said a word about her.  It was as if she never existed.

My mother was never very sympathetic towards anyone’s illness or plain bad luck. She preached her great love, but her constant statement was ‘there certainly is something wrong with their thinking!’ Then she got old and had to use a walker, and I remember she wouldn’t go to church because of the walker.

I told her that there actually are churches where people would bring you a casserole when you had trouble like that, but of course, not the Christian Science church. To even look at someone who needed a walker or was infirm in some way was paying attention to Error; you were just to turn away and deny you saw anything. Continue reading “I couldn’t bring myself to put my kids through the same crap I went through”

I was/am healthcare proxy for my Christian Scientist parents

By Abigail, an Ex-Christian Scientist Group Contributor. Abigail is a pseudonym, to ensure anonymity.


I was healthcare proxy for my Christian Scientist dad, and I am healthcare proxy for my Christian Scientist mom. The guilt is excruciating, and a big part of why I’ve reached out for the support of this group. It’s something only we can truly understand.

Throughout the parental situations I’ve encountered, my parents have all been conscious and able to make their own decisions, so I haven’t felt like I could force the medical issue. That hasn’t lessened the guilt I feel for not somehow forcing them to get medical care. Thankfully, my dad’s passing was relatively quick and painless.

Christian Scientists make decisions they feel are right for them, but they don’t understand how they are harming the younger generations. It’s not just young children who suffer because of their parents’ choices.