I decided it was a totally toxic, dangerous mindset

By Jenny, an Ex-Christian Scientist Group Contributor.

I was born into a Christian Science home, but I began to have serious doubts after my mother died of untreated cancer when I was in my teens. I went to Principia College after that, and was further disturbed by the lack of empathy and negligence of the Principia administration in handling injury and illness on campus. By my senior year, I knew I hated Christian Science.

I spent a few years trying to be open-minded, and telling myself, “Maybe it is true, but I just don’t care. I don’t want the stress. I am cool with being mortal.” Then, after I had a big struggle convincing my Christian Science husband to get medical care for a serious illness, I decided it was a totally toxic, dangerous mindset. That was about ten years ago, but I’m still trying to get rid of the weird Christian Science stuff from my brain and work through how I feel about my parents’ well-meaning neglect. I think that is going to take a while.

3 Replies to “I decided it was a totally toxic, dangerous mindset”

  1. “…well-meaning neglect” is so incredibly well said. That phrase has given words to emotions that I have struggled to understand for many years. I left the church at 16. I’m 46 now.

  2. Yeah, I had a bad case of the flu in sixth grade. I was not taken to a doctor. I spent about a week alone in my bed. I remember waking up a couple of times with a high fever, knowing I was very sick, and wondering if I was going to wake up again…

  3. David and Sandra, so sad. I am so sorry for all the pain this horrible mindset (i refuse to call it a “church!”) has caused in your own life. So sad.

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