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Easter Baskets Confound Me (re-post)

Originally posted April 2019. Happy Easter to those who celebrate Contributor Chrystal You can refer to so many posts on this page that share that “The Manual of The Mother Church” specifically states that we can have no special celebration for Easter. I got to thinking about this last week. The religion proclaims to be […]

you scream, I scream, we all scream

Previously published at, republished with permission, and slight modifications for ice cream… Christian Scientists may abstain from alcohol, but they do not abstain from ice cream. Want to lure teenagers to Wednesday evening testimony meetings? Offer to take them to an ice cream social after. Want to entice your Sunday School class memorizing the […]

Kaleidoscope of Christian Science

By Blog Contributor Jodi  I have noticed that with Ex Christian Scientists, we all have similarities and differences. And it all is due to the way our parents worshipped Christian Science (or not). Some parents were super strict, like my step-mom. She was the daughter of a Christian Science Practitioner, who was also the daughter […]

The First Rule of Christian Science

The First Rule of Christian Science is you do not talk about Christian Science. The Second Rule of Christian Science is you do not talk about Christian Science. Talking about Christian Science, even with Other Christian Scientists, is Frowned Upon. You have to do your Prayerful Protective Work, and Guard Your Thought against Error/Malicious Animal […]

Please Bring Your Testimony to its Healing Conclusion

The following is a collection of contributions from members of the Ex-Christian Science collective about Church and Sunday School.  Do you remember at Wednesday evening testimony meetings when people would ramble on, how the first reader would lean into the microphone and say, ‘please bring your testimony to its healing conclusion.’ – Hilary