Curious About Christian Science?

This is for those of you who are not and have never been “in” Christian Science. For the curious who would like to learn more. For those of you with friends who were raised in it or loved ones who have “discovered” it and you’re trying to understand – this post will be updated as new material is available

FAQ About Christian Science & the CS Experience

For the never-CS who are curious.

Basic Overview of CS & CS History

Christian Science – via Wikipedia

Linking to wikipedia feels a little cliche, but in this case the article provides a solid overview of the history of the religion and provides sources and notes at the bottom of the article for further reading. 


Recommended Books

Historical Context of CS

“Science” in Christian Science

Bible Lessons & CS Lit

Why do people buy into it?

Looking for more?

2 Replies to “Curious About Christian Science?”

  1. The Mother Church, Boston Ma. Board of Directors. Etc…… Never question about finances. One is expected to purchase Monitor, Journal, Lessons,Quarterly,, plus contributions. Does the Church ever help with natural disasters? Does it contribute for homeless? Just one of the questions I ponder.

    1. After the hurricane devastated Houston, some of the other churches in Texas and “offered support.” I am not aware of the details though, however, I believe it was more substantial than simply sending “thoughts and prayers.”

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