1. Jane

    Hello, thank you for your post. I have a fourteen year old daughter who attends Principia boarding school in Missouri. She just began this year and loves it. I am not a christian scientist but her father is. He at some point decided he did not want her to get any more vaccinations. She was about eleven at the time, so they went to get the letter for the school board in New York and began going to meetings regularly. He eventually took her for a visit to Principia and they told her it would be like a slumber party avery night. She wanted to go and I would not let her. I had recently lost my son and for many reasons including their position on modern medicine I was adament that she not go. He took me to court to send her there and with the courts heavily weighing on her wishes he eventually won. I am happy she likes it and plan on spending several months a year there so thatI do not miss her entire high school experience. What bothered me most is that the school is so desperate for students they offered her a full scholarship and even wrote letters for the court etc.. they were fully aware of my situation and my feelings about her attending. I felt it wasn’t very christian! Anyway after all that, why do you still send your son to Christian Science Sunday school? I am in no way judging, I have no problem with any one practising what ever religion they choose, I suppose even my daughter. I was just curious. I am concerned with the news articles about measles outbreaks etc.. her being so far away and knowing they discourage medical interference. She did get all of her original shots and I di have them spread out the doses. I am not convinced how much she believes but after losing my twenty year old her only brother whatever helps her and does not hurt her. Sorry for the long post, Sending love Jane

  2. Hi, Jane!

    You ask a great question. And because my extended family is in CS, I stayed in the church way too long. I was very brainwashed. Horrendously brain washed. I literally thought I was giving my kids the best experience by staying in Christian Science and taking them to Sunday school religiously.

    Now that we are all out, we are all so grateful to be out! I did the best I could. I just got back from getting blood work for an upcoming surgery. The people who know me best continually tell me they are so glad I am taking care of myself now and getting this surgery done. ❤️

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