Why God didn’t heal her vision problems?

By an anonymous Ex-Christian Scientist Group Contributor.

A long time ago, a friend who was trying to convince me that leaving Christian Science was just animal magnetism told me about her ‘healing’ of an eye infection which had been exacerbated by contact lenses. She had terrible symptoms and finally went to an eye doctor who prescribed antibiotic eye drops. She used the drops, but prayed really hard too. Three weeks later she saw a different doctor who said her infection was gone. A Christian Science healing, she said!

I asked why God didn’t heal her vision problems, too? She said she was still working that part out. Years later, after leaving Christian Science, she went to an eye doctor who asked her, “Did you ever have an eye infection? I’m seeing lots of scar tissue in there.” In my experience, all so-called ‘healings’ are of this nature.

The church touts its ‘verified’ testimonies, but the verification process includes EITHER “I saw the healing,” or “I didn’t witness it but I know you are a good Christian Scientist.” That’s not verification. That’s what I call ‘none of us want to see anything other than a success,’ especially when you consider that no one in the church ever tells stories of Christian Science failing to work.

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  1. I have studiedChristian Science for about25 years, Have read and studied Science and Health about 5 times cover to cover. Ihave watched my dad pass away, friends,young and old.topnotch practioners,and CSB’s that could not heal my mom of incontinence. And cant straighten out the cognitive issues,she has from time to time. And its always, ALWAYS,the blame game you need to go to church,or if you only understood Christian Sciencebetter,etc, I have taught school,not an idiot,at all,I worked harder listening praying,and paying practioner,after practioner,and most of my issues,and definately my moms, still have never got healed, It is arealfear,ofdoctors,that the nature of reading Science and Health, instills in you. You can go, they say, your highest sense of right, but most Christian Scientists do not seek medical,and they simply die,I have nown 15 in the church I used to attend. You just cannot trick the human mind, and manipulate life,and physicality,the way they tell you. I feel there are lots of intelligent people in the world, Why has CS and its member ship never really gotten off the ground even in its hey day.

  2. I am so sorry about your friend’s eye issue & scarring. I am so glad she left christian science.

    Michael, I agree with you. I have also known more people than I can count who died way too soon while members of the christian science church. It’s heart breaking! While I was in the church, I felt like it was a death every now and then, like a “once in a blue moon” kind of thing. But I am starting to compile lists of all the folks I have known who died, and my list keeps getting longer and longer.

    1. Hi Chrystal:
      I still however am trapped, I talked to a cult specialist, that helps people in many denominations. moonies, etc, to leave. I dont know if you are a member. but I just dontknow who to turn to. Its the fear of doctors. the fear of tht when yo uare in CS, you feel the whole world has the same mind set, even though you know that is not true. I have so so man issues, and dont know wo to seek psychologist, or ministers, Its very difficut do ou know any support groups out there.

  3. Hi, Michael. I am so glad you are reaching out and asking for help. My heart breaks to read your story.

    I have a few resources I want to point you to:


    This is a group of therapists who specifically help people leave religion.

    Also, i hope it has become apparent to you now that Christian Science DOESN’T “work.” I can’t quite tell from your post, but Christian Science doesn’t do ANYTHING. It’s the human body that can or cannot heal itself. The human body is a walking miracle that can do so much. And Christian Scientists have brain washed themselves to think it’s their own solid prayer that heals them sometimes, and maybe weak prayer that doesn’t heal them other times.

    I 100% agree that it is SCARY to go to a doctor the first time. I agree with you completely on that one. You’re not alone. I know so many former Christian Scientists who are petrified of seeing a doctor.

    I have to tell you, though, that the large majority of doctors are very kind and very understanding. Just tell them that you’re scared, you’ve never done this or you’re new to it, and the vast majority of doctors will be so happy you have come in. They just want to help. These are good people doing everything they can to help people. Don’t be afraid of them.

    Every now and then, there is a bad apple doctor. You’ll figure it out quickly. Just don’t go back to that one.

    If you have insurance (like through your employer), your insurance should have a website that helps you search for a doctor and a therapist and anything you want.

    Also, I love the ZOCDOC app on my phone. I can search for whatever I want, and make an appointment using just my phone. The app will search for what insurance plan you’re under, and who can help you with what you need, that is covered by your insurance.

  4. Michael,

    I also want to point you to the website here on this blog –


    That should help you see that at least you’re not alone.

    Also, go to Facebook and search for “Ex Christian Science.” There are many groups now of wonderful compassionate people who understand our unique challenges. And we help each other navigate things like going to the doctor for the first time.

    You can do this, and you can feel supported by those of us in this weird Ex CS world.

    Best wishes to you. Thank you for reaching out.

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