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A collection of references related to Christian Science, Conscientious Objectors and War

There is no ground on which conscientious objectors can rest, since Christian Scientists maintain that in reality no war ever happened – it is just a gigantic upheaval of mortal mind. A firm friend of Christian Science wrote in 1917, ‘… from a strictly Christian Scientist’s point of view no one is really being killed in this war. Those who appear to be killed are merely carrying on their consciousness elsewhere until all false belief of life part from god is destroyed…’   

Sects and Society: A Sociological Study of the Elim Tabernacle, Christian Science, and Christadelphians p. 178

Conscientious Objectors 


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  • Caroline

    Franklin Zahn was raised as a Christian Scientist and was a CO during WWII. His autobiography is worth reading.

  • Chrystal

    My dad was a Concientious Objector. If he hadn’t been one, he never would have become a CS nurse then met my mom and married, then had me. I was always proud of him for that. He was embarrassed by it and never wanted me to tell anyone.

    I am now Quaker. And I am still very proud of my dad.

    It was because of his anti-war sentiment, that I am here.