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From the Archives: The ‘Fall On The Ice’

By Jeremy, an Ex-Christian Scientist group editor/writer. Like almost any other religion, Christian Science has its own mythology: those stories that form the core of the faith’s origins, and which often serve to bind its followers together and to the faith, and to validate the faith’s claims. A central story in the anthology of Christian […]

Filled up Full

Filled Up Full originally appeared on, it is reprinted here with slight edits and permission. The other evening one of the children thoughtfully pulled all the books off the bookcase in the playroom. I took a few deep breaths, reminded myself they’re testing their limits, and then recruited the children to help neatly stack […]

“mother-love includes purity and constancy”

A variation of this post appeared on Mother’s Day 2016, and has been updated/expanded. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this post contains affiliate links where noted. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve collected some poignant stories of growing up with Christian Science Mothers. First Hand Experiences with Mothers & Christian Science  […]

We Celebrate because Celebrations are Fun

We Celebrate because Celebrations are Fun was originally shared on, it is shared here with permission. With Easter around the corner, we wanted to give some thought about what, how, and why we choose to celebrate. I don’t remember where I first heard about Sasha Sagan’s book For Small Creatures Such as We, Finding Wonder […]

Christian Science & Terminal Cancer

The following post was submitted via email. My Father’s Story I am sure that there are CS practitioners out there that genuinely want to help people and are convinced they can through Christian Science. I have met several. This story isn’t about honest people like them who want to bring forth healing for their patients. […]

Ask A Nurse: Headaches

Ask a NurseThe ExCS site has teamed with a registered nurse and paramedic with a background in healthcare education and public health. Married to a former-CS, the Nurse would like to share their experience with the healthcare system, and answer any questions former-CS may have!  The Nurse will NOT get involved in diagnosing or giving medical […]

Feeling Emotions

By Jodi, a Blog Contributor I am positive it’s been said elsewhere on this blog, multiple times, that Christian Science teaches that “there are bad emotions.” I am positive, also, that Christian Science is not the only belief system to teach this. I read an article recently that talked about Mary Baker Eddy being the […]

Adam & Eve

By Jodi, a blog contributor I was taught that the biggest difference between Christian Science and Christianity was that we viewed the Creation and Adam & Eve story differently from them.  I remember explaining to so many different people over the years, what this means, and I figured I should share this in this blog, […]