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My thoughts on Father’s Day…

This originally appeared on Emerging Gently, and is re-published here–with some edits, with permission. A few years ago on Father’s Day, I shared a picture of my Dad on my Facebook timeline. Unlike many other pictures that people share of their fathers on Father’s Day, I don’t share the camera space with him in this […]

Why would anyone join? My Father’s Story

Originally published on, reprinted with permission in honor of Father’s Day. A little while back I ran my piece on the five questions I’m commonly asked by people when they find out I was raised in Christian Science. I wanted to go back and elaborate on question four:   Why would anyone join? Christian […]

Fleshly ties are temporal: Happy Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve collected some poignant stories of growing up with Christian Science Fathers. First Hand Experiences with Fathers & Christian Science  Always think of God as your Father It was our fault that my father died because we let him out of our ‘experiance’ I felt I had no right to mourn because […]