1. Oh wow. Your story is heart-breaking. Thank you for sharing this. You do sound amazing, being vegan and having survived such horror at a place that should have taken care of you, and from parents who also wouldn’t protect you and give you a place of refuge when you were in a dark hole.

    You know what strikes me pretty hard about your story? I feel like you share it “matter-of-factly.” it’s a heart-breaking story. But you just share it as if “this is what happened, and this happened next, and this happened next.” I feel like this is showing the complete lack of emotion that we were all taught in christian science. there is no true compassion or empathy in this horrible belief system.

    I am so sorry that your roommate from Principia was also devoid of compassion and understanding. Saying that you won’t take accountability.

    You were in severe depression. You got the proper help (medicine) to help you achieve a mental balance, and the school TOOK IT AWAY FROM YOU, and then when you did what you felt was your only option, they didn’t help you then, either!

    They are a horrible place. They won’t apologize, and I am so sorry they don’t see the ERROR of their ways. Their lack of compassion and empathy is unlike any other that I have ever seen. If they don’t feel the pain, then it’s not real and the other person is just “making it up to get attention.” They couldn’t be more wrong.

    Their own President, Jonathan Palmer, died this year too. It was all very secret and covered up about the cause and everything. I bet the whole staff faults Dr. Palmer’s own thinking and not the fact that he didn’t get medical help, and died a slow death of “being healed every day by Christian Science” as too many do.

    You story makes me feel sad. I hope you will be able to just let this go now that you’ve written about it. It’s cathartic to write about our pain. That’s what I have found, anyway. I am also sorry about your rape trauma. It’s pretty amazing that you got an apology for that trauma. I wish you a wonderful moving forward in life to a better place journey.


    • Joan B

      This is the first time that I have ever read that Dr. Palmer died. Everything was so hush-hush for a short while and there was suddenly a new president there. I actually went on a Prin Abroad in my senior year with Jon. I didn’t know him well but still have a lot of respect mixed with sadness about how he met his end. Does anyone know what disease he had?

      On the other point, I , too have had extreme depression much of my life and couldn’t go through a day without my Venaflexine. It is too difficult to go to Principia when you aren’t allowed to talk to medical professionals. I know that was the rule but I found it awful.

      The best to both of you women.

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